A comparison of the attitudes of godfrey and silas in nancy lammeters story

In a flashback, you learn that Marner came to Raveloe fifteen years earlier from a large industrial town where he was part of a fundamentalist Christian sect. But one night, Silas had fallen into a trance while watching over the deathbed of a church elder. Silas' best friend stole a bag of money from the dying man and blamed the theft on Silas.

Table of Contents Silas Marner The title character, Silas is a solitary weaver who, at the time we meet him, is about thirty-nine years old and has been living in the English countryside village of Raveloe for fifteen years.

A comparison of the attitudes of godfrey and silas in nancy lammeters story

Silas is reclusive and his neighbors in Raveloe regard him with a mixture of suspicion and curiosity. He spends all day working at his loom and has never made an effort to get to know any of the villagers. Because Silas has knowledge of medicinal herbs and is subject to occasional cataleptic fits, many of his neighbors speculate that he has otherworldly powers.

Despite his antisocial behavior, however, Silas is at heart a deeply kind and honest person.

A comparison of the attitudes of godfrey and silas in nancy lammeters story

At no point in the novel does Silas do or say anything remotely malicious and, strangely for a miser, he is not even particularly selfish. His loss and subsequent rediscovery of faith demonstrate both the difficulty and the solace that religious belief can bring.

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Additionally, the unlikely domestic life that Silas creates with Eppie presents an unconventional but powerful portrait of family and the home. Though he is the title character of the novel, Silas is by and large passive, acted upon rather than acting on others.

Almost all of the major events in the novel demonstrate this passivity. Silas is framed for theft in his old town and, instead of proclaiming his innocence, puts his trust in God to clear his name.

Silas significantly diverges from this pattern of passivity when he decides to keep Eppie, thereby becoming an agent of his eventual salvation.Jun 01,  · Then it is further narrowed to a concentration on one particular weaver, Silas Marner of Raveloe. Silas is seen through the eyes of the small boys of Raveloe, and the picture is a fearful one.

line in the worn face was present to him when he told the full story of this night." Silas' actions are in strong contrast to Godfrey's. Nancy wishes that Priscilla’s clothes and her own always match because they are sisters, and Priscilla unselfishly has them dress in the colors that will favor Nancy, rather than herself.

Get the entire Silas Marner LitChart as a printable PDF. Nancy helps Godfrey open up as Eppie does with Silas, Eppie Helps Silas to love life again and to become part of the community, where as Nancy's love helps Godfrey to confess and because of that he sees her as an ideal wife.

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