A survey of my apartment at my college

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A survey of my apartment at my college

Do you remember any tick bite during your life time how long ago? Valtrex, Aciclovir, Interferon alfa-2b, Ganciclovir, natural herbs, citric fruits Do you have a fungal infection or have you molds in your home?

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Common molds, Aspergillus kinds, Chrysosporium, Stachybotrys Chartum, Coccidioides immitis, Dermatophytes, Ring worm, Alternaria tenuis, yeasts, Candida, If yes, what kind of anti-fungal could help you more?

In all Europe more cases are rising. Less cases were noted from France, Spain, Portugal, Island, Estonia, Serbia and other European countries, perhaps, not participating at this survey. Some additional comments from participants their spelling errors included Crawly itch all over specks, fibres, white sesame seed things, white specks, red blue fibres, exhausted, bone pain legs, burning sensation feet, numb hands, bite marks, puncture wounds, uttetly despairing, isolated frightened but fighting.

Swarmed at by tiny dark insects in infested flat 20 months ago, after 7 months, left my home, threw everything out, moved, still infested feet,a year later 2 months ago,tried on trousers my friend gave me, and got full blown infestation, bbites all over legs, then rest body, then specks, fibres out of craely skin, shopasdistants scratch head near me,same as when in other house now.


HMO kaiser no help, faulty sub-std. Getting better but it's been a long haul.

A survey of my apartment at my college

I did this survey a couple of yrs ago, but thought an update was appropriate because of new insight and information. My main complaint is the scarring on my face b-cuz i had nice skin. I have a weakened immune system due 2 other illinesses so im ready to just cut my head off and throw it away sir.

I believe I contracted this condition while laying pallets of grass in Texas that had swarms of fire ants on it. The grass came from Corpus Christi, Texas where they spray heavily for the ants. One day I became covered with ants and washed off in a pond.

I was bit countless times. I became very ill. After that I only had internal symptoms for fifteen years with no idea what was going on until I had bladder surgery and moved to Hawaii. Then every symptom showed up. I then had steroids injected into my back and it hit a nest and I believe that that excellerated the process and when that site hatched I felt them go through my spine all over my body even to my brain.

In six months from onset of symptoms to now I have gone through all the stages I see and hear about on the sites posted and have stuff happening nobody is talking about. After Rotater Cuff surgery was itchy inside all over. Then arm broke open with black spot and white worm.

Those cleared up but different kind of worm in nose now I have cut my nose to pieces trying to rid myself of these and just now coming to terms with fact that they are not real, except in my head but in my heart I know they truly live!

Help me and others like me, please. I could see you believe us. And we had the Mara de Scene river and the water foul I have a hemoplacmoses?

I have had pneumonia 6mos. I have it again at least once.Average Utility Bills: My First Apartment Survey Results. Because without my job I cannot pay for college or pay my bills.

So I resent your comment. My question is why you think this is the case! The only thing I can think is you are uneducated on the people here in jersey! Our apartment-style residence hall offers the privacy and independence of off-campus living with the convenience and benefits of on-campus life.

This four-story facility, built in , houses up to students. Located next to the academic buildings, students are just a few steps from classes, the library and other campus facilities, making it very easy to get to their destination quickly. Sample Survey Questions, Answers and Tips | Page 4 About these Sample Questions These sample questions are provided to help you determine what you should ask in a survey as well as what ques-.

Adopting a No-Smoking Policy in Apartment Buildings: A Guide for Owners and Managers Most owners of apartment buildings acknowledge that second-hand smoke is a survey, which will serve two purposes: gathering information and alerting tenants that change may be forthcoming.

Residence Life Coordinator “The Residential Student Experience Survey has been effective in providing insight and seeing continuous growth and improvement in me and my staff’s ability to develop and build community in our residence halls.

Apartment Therapy Survey: Our Style: Mid-Century / Eclectic Inspiration: My college friend Kyle DeWoody's style, the immaculate setup of my upstairs neighbor Dan's apartment (who has the same layout as me) Favorite Element: My "dining room table" area Biggest Challenge: How to organize a studio to live in a small space without making it cluttered.

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