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American cinematographer

Goldi Productions actually won 88 international awards in all, in the period. He replaced the "dead man talking," by creatively intercutting the enthusiastic voices of live people he had painstakingly pumped up to perform for the camera on location, knowing exactly what he needed from them, to tell the story when he returned to assemble their audio voice clips in the studio.

This brisk, and enormously engaging, "the editor is shooting the camera," style of doc, was amazingly popular with viewers, and was widely copied later in the US - less so in Canada - but is not used much nowadays because it takes far too much skill in the field to gather the footage needed by the editors who are always different people than the cameramen.

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The producers end up with far too much linking footage, or vital voices, missing in the editing room, that they can't re-shoot. But with the old "dead man talking," narrator voice style, they can just write a new line, and instantly, problem solved It was selected in a national competition from submissions from the best film and television producers in Canada.

This ground-breaking television show, proposed by Joan Goldi and John Goldi csc, which showcased American cinematographer new television documentary editing style, won enormous public acclaim, unprecedented international awards, and outstanding ratings. American cinematographer McQueen of Discovery would say publicly that she was pleased that "Great Canadian Parks" was "averaging"viewers.

Astonishingly, during the week that the Olympics were on, which siphoned away all the viewers, our American cinematographer "A Whale of a Tail" - in its encore presentation - gotviewers.

In three US international competitions, American cinematographer Goldi won "Double Gold," with three of her Silver Medals being beaten by three of her own Golds, when two of her programs were competing against each other and a host of other productions from around the world.

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We know of no Canadian television documentary series of Canada-specific programs, which has won so many top international awards in such a short period of time. A most phenomenal achievement, considering that every award was for various episodes from a low-budget cable TV series, and for completely Canada-specific productions, competing against the top, high budget, "one-of" programs, shot by the best international producers in the most exotic locales around the world.

Go to "What the Viewers Said" " The episodes won the hearts of Canadians from coast-to-coast, and the numerous prestigious awards that you received were deserving of two such innovative and talented Canadians. Your dedication to ensuring that the people of Canada have access to their stories and talent is to be commended, and the Department of Canadian Heritage is proud to have participated in funding an initiative that will continue to be accessible to Canadians through schools, libraries, and public institutions.

You are a source of pride to your country and your accomplishments will serve as inspiration to your peers and all Canadians. Sheila Copps - Minister of Canadian Heritage "So many shows which sound good on paper disappoint when they are finally produced.

Just a terrific documentary! Go to Another Winning Pilot We Crafted, for Discovery's "Great Canadian Parks" Goldi Productions Ltd "Keeping Canadians in Touch With Canada" Where some of our educational films and television programs can be found, in schools, universities, public libraries, public service organizations, corporate and government offices, and countless private homes in every Canadian province and territory, and every US state, except Hawaii.

We have enough very talented people of our own at the CBC that we don't need to broadcast programs like yours So I couldn't pay you anything for them She also did a personal make-over, left, as a blonde, apparently to improve her appearance. It's understandable, Jan was hugely accomplished - the only Canadian to win an American Academy Award for theatrical film or television - and was enormously beloved by the huge staff at Atlantis.

Many genuine tears were shed at her retirement party, when she quit, still young and at the peak of her creative power - we're told, just to get away from the sleazy world that Canadian television was becoming.

Barbara set out to excoriate the ghost of Jan Platt in Atlantis programming - she cancelled all Jan's top shows - clearly determined to give the channel her own imprint with Lifestyle shows she created.

American Cinematographer

Another time she had another group of her young women discussing, at great graphic length, on how to give "good head" without gagging. Clearly she had had complaints and was determined to address this urgent problem. We gagged, and never watched again, totally befuddled at what could possibly be in the mind of a mother with three pre-school age children.

And wondering what kind of message, and value system, she was seeking to imprint on a new generation of young Canadian women with programming she created, directed, and commissioned. Clearly, we are not alone. After decades on the job, she has not even received a single Academy Award nomination And we have no way of knowing if - thanks to her - young Canadian women are giving better head and gagging less Hey, we all have to leave a legacy Discovery boldly and brashly used my pilot as the model and template which they eventually used to shoot "Great Canadian Parks," though without attribution to the Goldis whose intellectual property head honchos Trina McQueen and John Pannikar boldy and brashly just appropriated without credit or paying royalties.

Go to Lost - better make that LUST - at Sea International Awards - Film, television, and video documentary programs he shot, directed, edited, and co-wrote with his wife, Producer, and Special Effects Editor, Joan Goldi, have won international awards - including 41 Platinum, Gold, and Silver Medals - at major American film and television festivals, in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Flagstaff, and Columbus, in competition with the best producers and productions from around the world.

No, none of our "international" award winning productions - though all have been completely Canada-specific - have ever been nominated, even as a Finalist, for the Gemini Awards. These restricted to locals, "Canadians Only Allowed," awards are said to honour and foster, the "Best in Canadian Television," by forbidding all non-Canadian producers or productions from competing for an award.

She knows he's good Sticking your neck out To become a "csc" - the top honour for a Canadian cinematographer - you have to supply samples of your best camera work to a jury - it ignores awards - made up of the top cinematographers in Canada.

To increase his chances for accreditation - in the s - John Goldi submitted two separate work portfolios, one made up entirely of "people" cinematography, and another only of "wildlife" 16mm film footage, hoping that if one "failed" the other might "win" with the jury.

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The chairman of the CSC committee said he was thrilled to report that the jurors were unanimous - they would have awarded him the "CSC" - "for outstanding achievement in the art of cinematography" for either of the submissions.

Left, John Goldi's obvious skill at people photography, in "Ho for the Klondike," which won 3 international Golds and 1 international Silver Medal.CALIFORNIA INDIAN ARTISTS Directory Guild A-to-Z listing of over 60 working California traditional Indian artists Cocopah, Mohave, Kumeyaay, Quechan, Paipai, Ipai Tipai, Kiliwa, Yavapai, Havasupai, Maricopa, Hualapai, Luiseño and Cahuilla.

The International Cinematographers Guild represents the most talented camera professionals and publicists in the world. The technicians and artisans in our union are the creators of the visual images on the big screen, the television screen and our computer screen.

The American Society of Cinematographers was founded in Hollywood in with the dual purpose of advancing the art and science of cinematography and bringing cinematographers together to exchange ideas, discuss techniques and promote the motion picture as an art form—a mission that continues today.

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American cinematographer

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