Aussie pooch mobile analysis of the problem

Dog washing with the accessory value added services lift Aussie up to be a dominant company on the market. The introduction of the franchise system increased profitability quickly and the company continued to follow the successful franchise strategy. Aussie Pooch Mobile was considering being a more international company and expands internationally. Different issues need to be considered in the expanding process:

Aussie pooch mobile analysis of the problem

Aussie Pooch mobile franchisees Marketing paper on: Aussie Pooch mobile franchisees Introduction The paper is going to discuss about the Aussie Pooch mobile franchisees whose territory covers mostly the countries like Australia.

The company was founded in the year and it is continuously expanding and growing in the market from long term.

The introduction of its franchisee in the market build up the huge market in the country and the company quickly started building the successful franchisee strategy. This brand was known well and was considered strong brand in the international markets and also it was expanding its market successfully and well.

Thus it started increasing high level of competition with the help of proper awareness and possibilities in important countries. It also offers great value added services for the customers to increase the positive image and reputation and also to deal with the problems successfully.

According to the technology, it will enable and ensure the operators to clean the dogs and to experience as well as to improve the conditions of the skin with proper goals.

Their major aim was to attract the millions of customers and to retain them. This way, it also increased the level of business and supported the marketing activities with important newsletters, telephone services and expert advices.

The strategy was to create the smaller territories and low prices with new franchisees. Today the company is operating in different countries like Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and United Kingdom etc so the management is also deciding to focus on the international markets through which the company is facing high amount of challenges.

Till the yearthe company stayed in the regions of Australia and it carried lot of advantages with the home country and the home market. The company found that there is a big problem in the region of Malaysia and it started facing huge difficulties.

The company faced increased competition which was the bigger challenge for the company and also the extra services and costs, pricing as well as increased amount created the reasons of stress for the company. They were facing lot of financial issues to expand the business internationally. This created the disadvantage for the company to pay the constant fees for the franchiser and to reduce the risks.

Thus there were different issues in the process of expansion. It offers important services that enable to operate and clean the dogs more thoroughly. They experienced the special bath and improve the skin conditions as well as their major goals are to create the niche market for international presence.

Aussie pooch mobile analysis of the problem

Thus there were problems associated with cash flow and also it offers high amount of training and support. It offers credible, reputable brand as well as strong marketing support. Good training will improve the level of productivity. Lovelock, Thus the above mentioned factors and parameters contribute to the major problem.

Identification and evaluation of alternatives The three unique alternatives that will solve the major problems are as follows: The analysis should be dependent on the franchisee system and also it should be based on some financial help that will help to make huge success.

It is also required to pay the great attention on increased competition for the industry. With the help of franchising, Taylor will be able to expand the business and also will be able to deliver the value and quality services to different areas that will help to lead the expansion in different services and also it will connect to the increased amount of capital with greater start — up and royalty as well as advertising fees.

It will also be able to expand and establish the strong relationships with proper control in the business expansion and geographic location. The major disadvantage could be it might have difficult for the company to monitor and to control the process of selection with high priorities and procedures.

So to increase the better understanding of potential and strong relationship, there is a requirement of proper opportunity to start the own business with the proper established name.Apr 29,  · Get Assignment on Aussie Pooch Mobile Case Study Marketing -- Research essay writing- The Aussie pooch mobile case study helps understand the relevance of bu.

Marketing assignment help online review analysis:: major problems of Aussie in Australia Introduction The paper is going to discuss about the Aussie Pooch mobile franchisees whose territory covers mostly the countries like company was founded in the year and it is continuously expanding and growing in the market from long term.

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Australia Wide. Aussie Pooch Mobile is a mobile dog wash and dog grooming service for your pet.


Aromatherapy for dogs and dog massage. Call today on Aussie Pooch Mobile Swot Essay. Purpose and overview This report is meant for the vice president of marketing at Aussie Pooch Mobile - Aussie Pooch Mobile Swot Essay introduction. The report is meant to help Aussie Pooch Mobile identify the best marketing strategy to use in order for it to be among the best dog washing company and also help it stay profitable and ahead of its competitors.

Situational analysis aussie pooch mobile is one of After a while the company established that there is a major problem in the region of Malaysia; it started facing enormous difficulties. Aussie Pooch Mobile tackled bigger competition which was the greater test for the company.

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