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Email A Chick-fil-A in Nashville was filled with a flash mob of 60 male a cappella singers on Saturday who belted out a gospel song for fellow patrons at the fast food restaurant. Chris Armstead, who was with the group of singers, says they were in the area for a conference on worship and song leading.

Best flash mob

Howard You are driving with your family in a rented car in a foreign country on vacation. What do you do? If you just hit the gas and run folks over, depending on ground clearance of your vehicle you will move only a short distance before getting high centered on bodies.

Then you are surrounded by a large group of hostiles you have made angry. As proven by the massive London riots ofcivil unrest turned terribly violent can happen in any country, from first world to undeveloped nations.

If you think you are Jack Bauer and are going to shoot your way out then you better have a lot of ammo to keep them dispersed until the swarm becomes disillusioned and moves on or is driven off by your suppressive fire. And that would have to be sustained degree fire, by the way. The point is, these types of situations can rapidly turn into a Blackhawk Down scenario.

The movie details a very dangerous, complicated tactical problem even for trained and equipped military personnel. Civilians are hardly ready to survive a mob intent on violence just to avoid dying where they stand.

There are numerous videos on YouTube showing motorists smashing through crowds.

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One car stopped and was swarmed after doing that and was violently descended on. Since Ferguson and Baltimore, local police are becoming more and more wary of any forceful intervention. The media is warping the news to fit an agenda.

This means that citizens are on their own.

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You are totally responsible for your own safety. You must be situationally aware and avoid large gatherings. Monitor current events constantly to avoid being caught in a freeway or street intersection closure. Social media allows these groups to organize inside the police OODA loop, and just disburse before law enforcement can react.

When they do respond, everyone has a smart phone with a camera now, and everything ends up on Facebook. These events are being orchestrated across the country, and I believe things are going to get a lot worse as the election gets closer, because people with an agenda want to influence the outcome.

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Flash mobs can form quickly, you might not have sufficient warning. Once you quit moving you are done…. If you see it ahead down the road……get off on to the shoulder and reverse….

Best flash mob

One of my concerns in this scenario is my young kids. They would be absolutely terrified if the protest became violent. I would make sure they were in the back seat, would turn on some music or a story CD, give them a snack — anything to keep them calm.

As a dad, it would be very hard to think clearly and rationally if my kids were crying and panicking. I teach that to my kids all the time!Enter your email address to subscribe to this website and receive notifications of new songs listed on this website by email.

Nov 11,  · Classical Flash Mobs by apernot After watching the flash mob clip of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, Ode to Joy, that was posted previously, I found myself searching for more clips of flash mobs involving classical music and here are just a few of the many that I found.

Oh, flash mobs. How we love thee. Any excuse to get rambunctious and cause wide spread mayhem is usually enjoyed by all.

Best flash mob

If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what a flash mob is, here you go: a flash mob is a group of people who seemingly appear out of thin air to perform an unusually and basically pointless act for a brief time and then disperse.

The clip combined home-video snippets with a flash mob at the university library. It reached 68, hits. And before that, two students at the College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon LeZion also got engaged to the song in a campus flash mob. Indicate dates, times and locations for both the flash mob rehearsal(s) and the actual flash mob dance event.

The experience, for the lucky people who witnessed the flash mob performance, would be their topic of the day. Word got on, but it did not stop there. Everyone now gets to enjoy the flash mob. A Flash Mob America flash mob is a spontaneous public performance, usually a dance, that appears seemingly out of nowhere with just one person, grows to hundreds of people, then quickly disappears. Flash Mob America strives to give them purpose which is to CREATE JOY THRU SURPRISE. A Chick-fil-A in Nashville was filled with a flash mob of 60 male a cappella singers on Saturday who belted out a gospel song for fellow patrons at the fast food restaurant. Chris Armstead, who.

Best of luck to you or anyone who reads this and is thinking of putting together a flash mob dance! Have lots of fun. De marquis miller. 5 years ago. I need a . The term ‘flash mob’ was first used in , when some of the first flash mobs were organised.

Since then, hundreds of have been staged all over the world. One example that has reached the highest levels of fame is the Sound of Music flash mob in the Central Station of Antwerp (Belgium).

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