Christian essays on lying

Little white lies, big fibs, devious deceptions, outright falsehoods. Lying seems to have become so common that many accept it as just the way things are and how they will always continue to be. But what happens to relationships, to society, to our character, when lying becomes a way of life?

Christian essays on lying

Scott January 27, at 6: Personally, I am uncertain about this issue, and you may well be right. But those passages you cited do not prove it. Just because the Bible did not explicitly say that what they did was sinful, that does not make it okay. Nonetheless, the biblical examples you used do not prove or disprove the argument.

Derek January 27, at This article was a challenge for me and I thought and prayed about it concerning the issue you have brought up. With much thought and study, I felt led to write it. The words I wrote definitely were God inspired.

The passage about the midwives from Exodus, especially reaffirms what I had written. God would never reward someone for sinning, that is why I feel confident in what I wrote. I hope this helps you understand where I was coming from and I thank you again for your thoughts. Scott January 28, at 7: I am not here to be a critic or incite conflict, but I am interested in this subject and enjoy discussing it.

It is true that the midwives protected the infants out of their fear of God.

Christian essays on lying

They courageously defied Pharaoh in order to obey God, and God rewarded them for it. But at no point does the text say that the lying is what God rewarded them for. They could have boldly confessed to him that they did not and would not murder those children certainly, he might have had them killed or otherwise punished, but since when should the people of God fear death?

I cannot say that I would have done anything different in their situation; I would have lied through my teeth if it would save those children.

But that does not make deceit okay. But as firmly as I believe that lying may be the most moral choice in some circumstances, the fact remains that that does not make that lie moral. There is no statement either way about lying in that text. Derek January 28, at 4: I appreciate your thoughts here.

I think that Robert said it best when he posed the idea of the definition of lying. I understand what you are saying though. Actions come from the heart.

The motives are different for sure. The midwives were motivated from the heart for their fear of God. I thank you for your honesty in your comments and i always enjoy discussion on anything that I write. Bonnie July 3, at 3: It is an interesting perspective.

Abraham was rewarded after lying about Sarah being his sister—twice, I believe. His motives were not fear of God, but fear of man, like these women that lied.

However, God had a plan for his chosen and still worked it all out for good and for the preservation and prosperity of His chosen people. While people do things wrong and are messy with sin and may evaluate motives for lying and pretending as justified due to the good we see with human eyes common welfare, self-preservation, helping God, etc.

We have to be careful to not be eager to justify lying and pretending. I think it affects things in the world that we may not see as related.Luther defended "a good hearty lie for the sake of the good and for the Christian Church, a lie in case of necessity, a useful lie." Such lies, he said, "would not be against God." Essays | CT.

Every person on the planet at times is an Oscar-winning liar. Haven't we all lied without being caught? As the Bible says, "There is no one righteous, not even one . Question: "What does the Bible say about lying?

Is lying a sin?" Answer: The Bible is clear that lying is a sin and is displeasing to God. The first sin in this world involved a lie told to Eve. The Ten Commandments given to Moses includes “You shall not bear .

A ll throughout the Bible, there are scriptures that discuss the topic of lying. Some explain how certain people lied. Others talk about the consequences of lying. I would venture to say that lying can be one of the easiest of sins to commit.

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that the authority of the doctrine itself is cut off and altogether undone if those whom we essay to bring thereunto, are by our lie made to think that it is somewhiles right to lie.

The Morality of Lies and Deception We lie all the time, lying is not something new to our culture. We lie to our parents, we lie to our friends, we even lie to our significant other, but why do we do it?

What Does the Bible Say About Lying: A Christian Study