Long term capital management assignment

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Long term capital management assignment

Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM)

Objectives The objectives of the requirements outlined in this memorandum are to: Scope and Applicability Covered agencies: The Department of Defense DODthe Intelligence Community, and portions of other agencies that operate systems related to national security are subject to only certain portions of FITARA, as provided for in the statute, and shall meet with OMB no later than 60 days following the final release of this guidance to clarify the applicability of this guidance throughout their organizations and activities, including alternative requirements or exceptions.

Additionally, all other Executive Branch agencies are encouraged to apply the principles described in this guidance to their management of IT, consistent with their legal authorities.

Covered agencies shall implement this guidance in a manner consistent with other legal authorities and should consult with their counsel regarding those authorities. With respect to Offices of Inspectors General OIGthis guidance should be implemented in a manner that does not impact the independence of those offices and the authorities Inspectors General have over the personnel, performance, procurement, and budget of the OIG, as provided in the Inspector General Act ofas amended 5 U.

This memorandum builds upon and will refer to existing OMB policy and guidance. Agency budgetary resources, personnel, equipment, facilities, or services that are primarily used in the management, operation, acquisition, disposition, and transformation, or other activity related to the lifecycle of information technology; B.

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Acquisitions or interagency agreements that include information technology and the services or equipment provided by such acquisitions or interagency agreements; but C.

Does not include grants to third parties which establish or support information technology not operated directly by the Federal Government. Any services or equipment, or interconnected system s or subsystem s of equipment, that are used in the automatic acquisition, storage, analysis, evaluation, manipulation, management, movement, control, display, switching, interchange, transmission, or reception of data or information by the agency; where B.

This definition is based on the definition of information technology found in the Clinger-Cohen Act of All covered agencies shall institute policies and procedures that implement the roles, responsibilities, and requirements found in the Common Baseline. The Common Baseline provides agencies with certain flexibility to adopt procedures that meet these requirements in a manner tailored to the volume and type of work completed by the agencies.

Each agency shall take the following actions to implement the Common Baseline: Complete agency self-assessment and plan.

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Each covered agency shall conduct a self-assessment that identifies current conformity with or gaps in conformity with the Common Baseline, and shall articulate an implementation plan describing the changes it will make to ensure that all Common Baseline responsibilities described in Attachment A are implemented by December 31, This shall include a discussion of how agency senior leaders and program leaders will work in partnership to facilitate the successful implementation of the Common Baseline and how the agency CIO will be enabled as a strategic partner integrated in shaping Agency strategies, budgets, and operations.

The deputy secretary or chief operating officer or higher is responsible for the completion of the self-assessment and plan documents. This self-assessment and implementation plan shall not exceed 25 pages and shall include the template in Attachment C or another template approved by OMB.

Submit to OMB for acceptance of self-assessment and implementation plan. To fulfill this requirement, the agency deputy secretary or chief operating officer or higher is responsible for submitting these documents by email to egov omb.

Support ongoing oversight of implementation plan and Common Baseline. Covered agencies shall follow OMB guidance from PortfolioStat sessions and other oversight activities regarding the ongoing implementation of the Common Baseline.

Agencies shall notify OMB of any obstacles or incomplete implementation of the Common Baseline on an ongoing basis following the initial implementation deadline. Conduct annual review and update to self-assessment.

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Covered agencies shall update the self-assessment annually to identify any obstacles or incomplete implementation of Common Baseline responsibilities that occurred over the preceding 12 months. The first update will be due April 30,and each April 30 on an annual basis thereafter.

Through the end of fiscal year FYthe Council will dedicate time in its meetings to discuss current topics related to the implementation of the Common Baseline at least once every quarter.

The Council should consult with the CFO Council in the development of materials to support changes related to the Common Baseline across management domains.

The Council will also assist agencies in implementing the Common Baseline by sharing examples of agency governance processes and IT policies on a public website at https: Standardized cost savings metrics and performance indicators.

As a part of the IDC reporting requirements, agencies shall continue to provide cost savings and cost avoidance achieved as a result of strategies that the agency has decided to adopt. Based on this information, agencies will be provided a summary scorecard that provides agency-specific performance metric data and portfolio analysis agenda items.

Sharing with the public and Congress. OMB will also provide a summary of these savings by agency on a publicly accessible website. Agency reporting requirements for these topics are included in the IDC instructions.

Covered agencies shall continue to provide updates of risks, performance metrics, project, and activity data for major IT investments to the ITDB as soon as the data becomes available, or at least once each calendar month. The CIO will collaborate with OMB to develop a plan that includes root cause analysis, timeline to resolve, and lessons learned.

In addition, the CIO will communicate to OMB the steps the agency is taking to execute the data improvement program and the progress the agency is making. Agencies will provide updates on the status of this program on a quarterly basis as a part of their IDC submission until the identified deficiency is resolved.

A TechStat is a face-to-face, evidence-based accountability review of an IT program with agency leadership TechStat sessions are a tool for getting ahead of critical problems in an investment, turning around underperforming investments, or terminating investments if appropriate.

For all agency-led TechStat reviews of investments, the agency shall contact egov omb. Agencies shall report the outcomes and outputs of all TechStat sessions through the quarterly IDC, including:Commercial Real Estate and Property Management Los Angeles - NAI Capital has 15 regional offices in LA, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino, and Ventura Counties.

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Long term capital management assignment

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