On killing a tree by gieve patel essay help

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On killing a tree by gieve patel essay help

While in Moulmein once, he had to shoot an elephant needlessly. It was an incident, which showed the hollowness of the British Empire, and it also showed how the British people, who seemed to be so powerful, were actually powerless puppets. The elephant which was in must had ravaged a bazaar, destroyed a hut, eaten up the fruits of a fruit stall and killed a cow.

Orwell went out with his. The Burmese could not give him any definite information about the whereabouts of the elephant. At last he heard a shout from a lane of thatched huts.

He went there and saw that the elephant had killed a Dravidian coolie. He thought that the elephant might have gone mad or must.

On Killing a Tree GIEVE PATEL. This poem is appreciating the resilient qualities of a tree. It takes years for a tree to grow into a full sized one. NEW SYLLABUS: CLASS XII, ENGLISH B, WBCHSE, w.e.f. SESSION CLASS-XII. On Killing a Tree-- Gieve Patel. 2. Asleep in the Valley-- Arthur Rimbaud. 3. this blog has been developed for them. Its primary aim is to help them to acquire proficiency not only in the English language but also in the English literature. The topics, in. Meaning of Poem On Killing a Tree by Gieve Patel benjaminpohle.com Poet and Poem is a social media online website for poets and poems, a marvelous platform which invites unknown talent from anywhere in the little world.

So he asked an orderly to fetch an elephant rifle. He wanted the elephant rifle only for self defense if necessary. He had not yet decided to shoot the elephant. He only wanted to examine it, which was grazing The elephant was there eating bunches of grass peacefully.

Orwell felt that the must was passing off and it would not do harm anymore. So it was not necessary to shoot it. But there were the crowds of more than two thousand people.

They wanted him to kill the elephant. The natives of the east thought that a sahib or a European must be resolute and should act resolutely without fear. To keep up the image that the natives had of a sahib, the sahib had to do what the natives expected him to do.

on killing a tree by gieve patel essay help

Thus the European became a puppet, driven by the will of the native people. So did Orwell act.

on killing a tree by gieve patel essay help

If he did not shoot the elephant, the Burmese people would think that he was frightened. They would laugh at him.

To avoid being laughed at, he decided to shoot He shot the elephant. Unable to tolerate the agony of the elephant, he shot it thrice with his elephant rifle and many times with his. Opinions were divided on his shooting of the elephant. The owner was angry but to no avail. The older Europeans thought that he had done the right thing.

The younger men thought that it was wrong to shoot a valuable elephant for killing Search Share More About:The famous poem "Daffodils" is written by William benjaminpohle.com is a beautiful benjaminpohle.com poem creates a happy mode to the benjaminpohle.com first the poet is isolated and at last he got a company with benjaminpohle.com daffodil gave happiness to benjaminpohle.com poem "On Killing a Tree" is written by Gieve benjaminpohle.com is an excellent poem about environmental benjaminpohle.com you have to find more about this refer.

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Gieve Patel was born in in Mumbai. He was educated at St Xavier's High School and Grant Medical College. Search all of eNotes Homework Help Stanza by stanza summary of the poem "On killing a Tree" by Gieve Patel and the rhyme Topic: Poetry lantern | eNoter.


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