Squash ball physics coursework

Gamaliel Painter —founder of Middlebury College Old Chapel with the Green Mountains in the distance Middlebury received its founding charter on November 1,as an outgrowth of the Addison County Grammar School, which had been founded three years earlier in The College's first president— Jeremiah Atwater —began classes a few days later, making Middlebury the first operating college or university in Vermont. Yet the idea for a college was that of town fathers rather than clergymen, and Middlebury was clearly "the Town's College" rather than the Church's. Chief among its founders were Seth Storrs and Gamaliel Painterthe former credited with the idea for a college [7] and the latter as its greatest early benefactor.

Squash ball physics coursework

He's not alone in doing this, but he is the most blatant about it and, for various reasons, the one most commonly seen doing it. He will always, always, always be in his ready room when not on the bridge. This extends to a degree to the relaunch novels. At one point, when the Enterprise-E is severely damaged, his ready room door is torn off its hinges.

From his captain's chair, Picard has to look at the gaping hole with both the feeling of a man watching his dog be hit by a car and an addict jonesing for his fix.

He was a bit of an asshole in the first season. He wasn't just aloof or professional; he was a short-tempered hardass who hated kids and had little patience for practically anything. Later, he developed into the diplomatic father to his crew that he's remembered as.

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Picard also briefly carried on Chekov's habit of attributing everything to his home country. This running gag ended quickly, and seems very strange in light of the extensive knowledge of history and culture that he displays later on.

Picard mentions in the pilot that he does not deal well with children. We later find that this is not dislike, but a discomfort that he sees as a personal flaw—he is far too used to dealing with supremely professional adults, and children also remind him of his own estranged family and his sacrifices for his career.

In "The Bonding", Picard lets out a massive sigh as he realizes that he is going to have to tell Jeremy that his mother was killed on an away mission. Deep-space vessel or not, he has always questioned the policy of having children on a starship and it is a terrible burden to have to break bad news himself.

In Generations he enters a Lotus-Eater Machine and is actually given children of his own who adore him - he is so overwhelmed with joy he actually starts to cry. The machine in question - a space anomaly called the Nexus - gave him children because that was his deepest and most hidden desire.

That being said, he's deeply fond of his nephew Rene, who reminds him of himself at that age. He's utterly devastated when both his brother Robert and Rene are revealed to have died in a fire in Generations. Amusingly, despite his unease with children, it seems that most children take a liking to him right away.

Squash ball physics coursework

We once even see a class onboard the Enterprise having a "Captain Picard Day", much to his embarrassment although he seems somewhat amused when telling an Admiral "Hehehe, I'm a role model.

Picard lights up at the subject of unsolved mysteries; his childhood hero was the pulp novel detective Dixon Hill. The holodeck allows Picard to fantasize himself as the two-fisted gumshoe. He also has a geeky love for old starships, boats, and planes, having built and played with model versions as a young boy he wound up embarrassed and frustrated when he showed that side of himself a bit too much after finding an ancient, legendary starship from a dead civilization.

He was this close, more than once, to taking up archaeology as his full-time profession.

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Picard is clearly embarrassed when alien women find him a smoldering hunk instead of a walking rulebook. He's not that old but close.

People just respect him naturally. Whenever Q wants to test humanity, he decides Picard should be the one to take it. Patrick Stewart steps into the Elizabethan worlds with ease. Of course, the Dixon Hill program allows some of the ladies in his life to join in.

Crusher looks very fetching in her stockings and veil even as she stumbles uncertainly in high heelsand Whoopi certainly turns heads in her Prohibition dress.

Dixon Hill made a brief comeback in First Contact when Ellie wore a cleavage-baring dress and opera gloves to a meeting with Nicky the Nose. In fact, historically, some officers have been left in disgrace because they were denied the opportunity to try and clear their names in a court-martial.

He speaks French and Klingon, and is well-versed in archaeology, literature, fencing and horseback riding. Picard really runs rings around his crew in "Darmok", figuring out the Tamarian language in an impossibly tight situation.

His crew have the luxury of the ship's database and can pool their resources and get absolutely nowhere.Ace Pilot.

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Depicted in a much more subtle manner than Kirk, and usually takes a backseat to his other talents. Picard has taken the helm himself in situations where extremely precise maneuvering is needed to get the ship out of danger, such as "Booby Trap" and "In Theory".

- Bouncing Ball Experiment A squash ball is a hollow ball made of rubber, with air inside. Before starting a game of squash, most players will "warm up" the ball by knocking it around the court.

This raises the temperature of the ball and increases the "bounciness". - Gravity Experiment My physics coursework is an experiment with gravity.

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Squash ball physics coursework

Work that you do during the course - investigations. Physics of the human body Physics of athletics The efficiency of a small motor The efficiency of a small water pump How the bounce of a squash ball changes with temperature How stretchy are tights? Sound levels around your school.

Tom Joyner headlines UMES' December graduation. Philanthropist-broadcaster Tom Joyner will put an exclamation point on his recent efforts to help the University of Maryland Eastern Shore boost its scholarship fund by serving as the December commencement speaker.

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