Style of writing a book

Zusak got the inspiration to write a story about a girl named Liesel Meminger living in Nazi, Germany during the Holocaust came from the stories told by his parents while he was a child.

Style of writing a book

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Share via Email A witty and personable guide … Steven Pinker. For extra spice, add a dash of what's commonly considered solecism: On the page, and in conversation, we frequently observe that one person's idea of linguistic rectitude is another's of insufferable fussiness.

Most of us have strong views about how best to use language; where the more intricate details are concerned, those views are often an amalgam of aesthetic taste, ingrained social prejudice, popular myth and a form of reasoning that we insist is logic though it may smell like something else.

The Harvard psychology professor is a rigorous thinker whose previous books, including The Language Instinct and The Stuff of Thoughthave been distinguished by a flair for making highly technical subjects seem not just accessible but positively jaunty. The book has two parts: There are plenty of books packed with trenchant ideas about the craft of writing prose: But the big beasts are manuals of an altogether more prescriptive nature.

In Britain, a special reverence has long been reserved for Henry Watson Fowler's Modern English Usagewhich urges writers to be "direct, simple, brief, vigorous and lucid".

In America, the most influential book of this kind is The Elements of Style. Written in by William Strunk, it was revised in the s by his former pupil EB White — hence the practice of calling it "Strunk and White". This slim volume abounds with precepts that are superficially pleasing but misguided and restrictive.

The simplistic rule "Use the active voice", echoed by George Orwell in his essay "Politics and the English Language", has proved especially tenacious. Yet while it's true that the passive voice can be used in all manner of clunky or slippery ways, anyone who routinely demonises the passive is overlooking its potential as an aid to rhythm or emphasis.

Pinker scrutinises these pedants' peeves. With a mixture of careful argument and finely tuned derision, he debunks a lot of creaky old hokum about the heinousness of splitting an infinitive and why you should write "Karen is smarter than I" rather than "Karen is smarter than me".

The directions rarely feel bossy. Mostly, he handles even workaday matters with panache. He also provides telling examples of the failure to balance these demands: While this isn't the only time The Sense of Style profits from Pinker's academic research, the book could do with a little more scientific heft.

Pinker's manner is mostly reasonable rather than revelatory.A good writing reference book, such as, Strunk and White’s book, The Elements of Style or the St. Martin's Handbook; A college-level dictionary, such as, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary ; The latest edition of Roget's Thesaurus in Dictionary Form.

Writing Style Differences in Newspaper, Radio, and Television News6/23/ 4 because the radio listener, unlike the newspaper reader, is unable to stop to review and reconsider the meaning of .

Style of Writing. — All flourishing is out of place in a letter. The writing should be plain and, if possible, elegant, so that it maybe both easy to read and gratifying to the taste.


Mar 10,  · I wrote mine using the format of the Book Review with a few changes. First you must decide whether you are going to write about the magazine in general or a specific issue. [The Elements of Academic Style] has the potential to transform how we teach and practice academic writing, and it invites the kind of reading and engagement that makes such a transformation possible.

A book well worth reading and rereading. writing book reports It's likely that, whatever your educational goals, you will eventually write a book report.

style of writing a book

Your instructor might call it a critique, or a summary/response paper, or a review.

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