Tim sniffen writing and drawing activities


Tim sniffen writing and drawing activities

Environmental Protection Agency U. Department of Agriculture JulyReno, Nevada Foreword These Proceedings contain the presentations, discussions, and resulting recommendations from among nearly participants representing monitoring interests from federal, state, tribal, local, academic, and private organizations.

The conference from which they were taken was, in part, made possible by financial support provided by the U. Environmental Protection Agency, the U. Should additional information on any of the papers in Section El be desired, it would be most efficient to contact the individual authors directly.

Other information regarding NWQMC authority, Council membership, additional copies of the Proceedings, the discussion or recommendations contained in these Proceedings, and future Council activities should be directed to Ms. Geological Survey,e-mail: Critical Foundations to Protect Our Waters.

Furlong, Mark Burkhardt, C. What is Different about Biomonitoring in Southwestern Streams? The Council is also thankful to Ms. Fellows for being the first to recognize the need for a conference to focus national attention on the issue of monitoring.

The Council offers its gratitude to those who formed the conference planning com- mittee. This committee, chaired by Rodney DeHan Florida Department of Environmental Protectiondesigned the conference format, reviewed all of the abstracts submitted and, along with others who served as speakers, moderators, facilitators, track coordinators, and report-back chairs, worked diligently to ensure the success of the conference.

The Council is also grateful to all of the environmental monitoring professionals who felt the topic of technical and pro- grammatic coordination was important enough to submit papers and make presentations and prepare posters for this conference.

Last but not least, heartfelt thanks go to the staffs of Tetra Tech and the Ground Water Protection Council GWPC whose dedication, creativity, and hard work provided critical technical and administrative support to the conference.

The names of the numerous individuals contributing to the success of the conference are listed below in alphabetical order: Environmental Protection Agency and the U. It is charged with enhancing collaboration and coordination of water resource quality monitoring activities at the national, state, tribal, and local levels, as well as similar activities involving business and industry, academia, agriculture, and environmental groups.

As part of these efforts, the Council presented the conference Monitoring: Critical Foundations to Protect Our Waters, with the specific goal of providing a forum for interaction among these groups, including the exchange of ideas, the presentation of reports on successful monitoring and collaborative efforts and indicator development activities, and the enhancement of communication and public involvement in monitoring.

Through its efforts, the Council wants to highlight the importance of and support monitoring that provides knowledge of ecosystem quality, processes, and sustainability. It wants to emphasize the need for scientifically based indicators, designs, methods, and data management systems to allow meaningful communication to environmental policy and management decision makers.

There were nearly conference participants, and approximately oral and poster presentations were offered in 30 "presentation and discussion" workshops. The objective of each workshop, following the presentations, was to develop a set of recommendations that would be forwarded to the NWQMC.

The recommendations represent the direct input of the broadly based environmental monitoring community to short- and long-term strategies of the Council, and they will be incorporated into the Council's work plan.

Several overriding issues surfaced throughout the discussions, including the necessity of defining data quality objectives prior to monitoring project or program design. There was discussion on the need to endorse and support development of regionally calibrated reference conditions using biological, physical, and chemical indicators.

It was suggested that the Council take a leadership role in standardizing the performance-based methods system for increasing the monitoring community's ability to share data and information. Associated with that, and also frequently discussed, was the proposition that the Council develop technical and programmatic guidance documents for network design, sampling methods, data analysis and interpretation of results, program development, and training.

One of the most pervasive issues occurring throughout all tracks was the need for increased public education and outreach on environmental concerns, with greater involvement of volunteer monitoring groups. Following are selected recommendations developed by the conference participants.

tim sniffen writing and drawing activities

In the proceedings document the recommendations are presented, in full, to emphasize priorities of conference participants. Below, however, in an effort to minimize redundancy, only those recommendations are presented that best capture the principal areas of concern.by writing things we’re.

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tim sniffen writing and drawing activities

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